Natalie Young

MTI Level 5 practitioner

I specialise in Trigger Point Release and combine deep, advanced physical techniques with mindful awareness and breath work to promote profound release in the emotional, psychological and physical dimensions combined. All are connected through the central nervous system and cannot be treated successfully without this taken into consideration.

During the last 20 years as a Therapist, I have come to realise how much pain and debilitation is suffered unnecessarily. Practicing Pilates and working with clients has given me the opportunity to witness physical and personal transformation on a grand scale. I want to see us move towards a future where simple information is available to every generation, empowering individuals to improve body confidence, reduce pain and restore vitality.


I am dedicated to developing my therapeutic practice to the highest possible standards. My special interests lie in education for prevention of trauma and degeneration; and developing treatment methods for patients with underlying medical conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system.

I treat clients from all walks of life with different needs including Sports and dance enthusiasts, Sedentary workers, Heavy labourers, Pregnant women, Injuries and Joint care.


Simple remedial exercises will be given along with advice for further exercise and self care programs. Formulated through bio-mechanical, postural and lifestyle analysis. Applied with a focused, mindful and holistic intention.


I enjoy an active sporting life, with a preference for extreme sports, dance, Pilates, cycling, Yoga and Capoeira. I am also a musician and gardener. This brings a personal understanding of activity related stress and strain on the body especially as a largely hyper-mobile individual.

Minor imbalances that occur through repetitive activity and incorrect posture can have vast effects on the body which can be recognised and adjusted with a little time and patience.


I aspire to facilitate the transition to a more integrated health service; where practitioners work within multi-disciplinary teams to enhance patient care according to individual needs; enable complementary treatment plans and form supportive networks for clients and therapists alike.


My future interests lie in research and building an NHS-style treatment centre for patients with medical conditions or physical impairment who would benefit from soft tissue treatment as first line conservative care.